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Maximum Outreach

  • YouTube with its massive outreach is the second most popular search engine after Google.
  • Drives engagement more than any other video sharing platform ensuring maximum visibility to ads.
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Targeted Audience

  • Make the ads visible to a target audience that is relevant to product and business.
  • Adverts are displayed to a selected audience as per targeted preferences.

Diverse Ad Portfolio

  • A wide variety of ads as to meet any kind of advertisement goals.
  • Choose from True View ads, Bumper ads, Overlay and Display ads, sponsored card ads and skippable or non-skippable YouTube ads.
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Cost-effective Advertising

  • Option to determine the maximum amount you want to pay per view via Google Ads.
  • Fix your advertising budget and YouTube ads cost and rest assured that if viewers skip the ads no cost is incurred.

YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

  • Access to YouTube resources and monetization features with the YouTube Partner Program.
  • Access to YouTube Creator Support team and also share revenues from ads being served on your content.
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How YouTube Advertising Grows Your Business?

  • Expanded Reach- Connect and advertise across a massive video sharing platform with extensive targeted reach.
  • Build Brand Awareness- Increase brand visibility and favourability with powerful videos and ads.
  • Drive Sales- Take advantage of enhanced reach and engagement on YouTube to increase conversions and sales.


Trendsetting Ad Campaigns

Advanced Lead Tracking

Full Gamut of Services

Client-centric Approach

Transparent Pricing


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YouTube Ads Creation

Create full-funnel YouTube ads for various objectives like maximization of sales, lead generation and focused audience reach.

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YouTube Ad Campaigns

Build and manage YouTube ad campaigns for companies of diverse domains, size, and business models that encourage PPC and growth marketing.

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Video Content Production

Generate immersive YouTube ad video content, photo shoots, video edits and expand the reach of your existing video assets for best results.

YouTube Marketing Icon

Full-On YouTube Marketing

Craft a successful marketing campaign with diverse impactful components like creative copies, YouTube SEO, display advertising, PPC, and much more.

YouTube Analytics Icon

YouTube Analytics & Reporting

Provide valuable insights into various ad analytics such as ad creative performance, local and audience match targeting, target CPA bidding and goals analysis.

Influencer Marketing Icon

Influencer Marketing

Tap into our influencer network to expand your campaign reach to create awareness, drive sales, and generate traffic.


Do I automatically get into YPP If I meet the threshold?
There is no automatic entry into the YPP. If your channel meets the prescribed YouTube threshold, it will still have to go through YouTube’s standard review process. Your channel should not have any active Community Guidelines strikes and should also be diligently following all policies and guidelines.
How much does a YouTube Advert cost?
The best part about YouTube advertising is that there is no prescribed minimum spend to start advertising. You can spend based on your budget. We at O3Digital optimise YouTube ads cost and gain the maximum from ad spend with the right techniques and YouTube advertising services.
Is YouTube video production costly?
Video production costs depend upon the type and level of animation in it. The lesser elements involved in a video, the cheaper it will be to produce. Videos with simple 2D animations are much cheaper than those with high-end graphics, live action and voice-overs.
Why should I hire a YouTube advertising agency?
If you want to aggressively promote video content but lack time to run an effective ad campaign or unable to use YouTube advertising to get the best results you should take our services. O3 Digital is a professional YouTube advertising agency that has helped many businesses with YouTube Ads.

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